Swingout Dancing, Stepping, Line Dancing, Chicago Stepping, Ballroom, TwoStep, West Coast and Kizomba (Juleon Lewis of Pura Vida)

Some Events

Come out and dance and get your sexy exercise on! We are a small community of individuals who comes to dress up and dance the night away! Here are some videos of what you can expect by coming out to any of the SwingDance, Westcoast, Steppers, Urban Ballroom, Line Dancing, and (Our New addition) Kizomba events.

Swingology Showcase at 3rd Saturday

This event was done around October 2012 for 3rd Saturday.

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Step N Style Graduation

"The 5th Annual SNS Graduation" Video was shot at the very end of the evening when things were winding down and folk were headed over to the after-party with James L. Johnson Jr. — with John Sigears, Sharika Abdur-Rahman, Kenisha Robinson, Gary King, Tiffany Re'nee, Leevert Johnson, Trevis Guidry and Jamaal T Alexander.

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Chicago Stepping at 3rd Saturday Reunion

Brigitta Baylor 1st Annual 3rd Saturday Reunion showcasing all styles of dance. October 18, 2014, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. The Performer here is Ted Williams recently moved to Dallas, TX via Chicago, IL. He is of course showcasing Chicago Steppin

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"The Dance floor is where I go to relieve stress while relaxing through each step, dance partner, and song. Each step I take in each dance, represents another moment I was not promised. Each dance partner represents another opportunity to create more beautiful art on the floor. Each song inspires different feelings and emotions being painted across the floor. This is why I love to dance, because no two dances are ever the same!"

~Leevert Johnson.

Dance TV by Gentry Chal

"For the Love of Dance!"

Bridgett Williams is interviewing Leevert Johnson


United Performing Arts Company "Dance United"
(In the Lakewood Shopping Center across the street from Dollar Tree)

2304 West Park Row#27
Arlington, TX 76013